The Wildflower Inn

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April 27, 2018

Family Fun as the leaves change!, The Wildflower Inn

Family Fun as the leaves change!

During your stay at the Wildflower Inn enjoy our world famous blueberry pancakes, and lovely dinners at our Wildflower restaurant, Juniper’s Restaurant. After a restful night in our luxurious rooms, you’ll be ready to get your day going! Starting with a scrumptious breakfast in our glassed-in dining porch to get an early start watching the leaves change colors! After which you’ll be ready to get out on the Kingdom Trails for some of the best cycling in Vermont!

Mountain Bike at The Wildflower Inn!
The key to having a great mountain bike experience is to make sure your skill and ability levels are matched with the trail you ride. Which is why all our tours are designed for all cyclists, from beginners to advanced and everyone in-between! Mountain Biking at the Wildflower Inn is all about your experience, so regardless of your experience, or lack of, we are here to help! Between our Kingdom Experiences partnership program, which offers kid bike camps and family lessons as well as individual lessons, and our beginner’s park on the property, you have no excuse not to get on the bike and enjoy the leave changing! After a day of riding, reward yourself and your loved ones with a delightful dinner at our Wildflower restaurant, Juniper’s Restaurant.

First Sighting of Fall Foliage!
After experiencing a thrilling ride through Vermont’s early start to Fall foliage. Take a slower approach to enjoy the state’s first color changing before October’s peak blazing landscape change! Wander along country lanes and back roads through farmlands and forests as you lose yourself in autumnal splendor after every turn. Join the festivities at the Burke Fall Foliage Festival on the last Saturday in September. As you stroll through neighboring small-towns, you’ll find corn-mazes, pumpkin patches, and many more traditional fall activities for you and your family! As you find your way back to your room for vivid leafy dreams, the smell of another delicious homemade breakfast at the Wildflower restaurant will help you start your day in an unexpectedly pleasant mood.

At Wildflower Inn we understand you want to enjoy last-minute summer fun while getting a head start at fall activities! Which is why we plan activities according to the season change! Our Wildflower restaurant we’ll make sure to keep the hot chocolate warm as you and your family cruise through town!

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